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Friday, September 19, 2008

Colin Wilkinson Photos

Our friend Colin Wilkinson recently shared a bunch of photos he took of Groanbox Boys in action. The first batch is from our May 20, 2008 performance at the Old Library in Kilbarchan, the second from our September 7th performance at the Tall Ship in Glasgow. Enjoy!

All photos copyright 2009 Colin Wilkinson.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank God for Oscar!

We finally have a day off after more than two weeks of virtual non-stop touring on our Autumn 2008 UK tour. It has been invigorating to say the least. We've been very fortunate to have our good friend Oscar Cainer doing just about everything for us. We would not have survived our mad twelve hour journey from Fife to Folkestone without Oscar's driving skills. We arrived just in time for our sound check, and had a fantastic gig at the Tower Theatre.

We've had some great press which you can read by clicking on the links below.

Review of the Leith Folk Club show in Edinburgh
Review of the York Living Room Concert
Feature in the Herald

Paul Webster kindly shared some photos from last week's Tall Ship gig in Glasgow. Click here to view.